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My phone was stolen in the beach two days ago (I still have id of the phone). They told me I can present a case in "Nyebeh 3ameh" against "Majhoul" in Baabda.
I can present the case by myself (they told me this) but isn't more serious if it is by a lawyer?! Maybe that way they take things more serious?!
Why am asking this.. becz i wish so much to put down the x person who stolen it.
By the way am a hairdresser and am not rich... I hope in Babdaa tommorow Monday they take it seriously... Thanks anyway.. John.
Sunday 9th of September 2012 10:53:19 AM
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ورثت عن عمي عقار زراعي بالأشتراك مع اولاد عمي الأخر. انا لا أتفق معهم في كيفية ادارته. هل يمكنني بيع حصتي... ما هي الوسيلة للتحرر منهم...؟
Friday 31st of August 2012 09:34:40 PM
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